Pictures! Moving Pictures!

Today’s post is brought to you by:

Simultaneous Napping!














There are many funny and enlightening stories from the week, like the one about how I learned that I need to use my debit card at least weekly or else I forget the number, or the one about how, at Max’s cardiology appointment when I said, ‘Ooh, amazing, it’s such a sophisticated machine!’ in a tone of wonderment and awe, the cardiologist thought that I was talking about the sonogram machine (and his incredible prowess in commanding such a machine,) rather than my son’s heart as seen on the monitor. Hahaha, but no, this post is not for stories about how the cardiologist thought that I was the cardiology practice’s equivalent of a Guns n’ Roses groupie seeing her first Corvette, no, this post if for kid pictures. Here we go.











we love stripes!




tiny hippies!










Cuties in the morning

















and, just in case it works, a little movie:

Frida and Max, June 2013

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