Spies: Just as Disorganized as the Rest of Us

Yesterday was quite a week. Let’s play:

Dizzying Highs, Terrifying Lows

how to play: read through the list of descriptors, then use them to fill the spaces in the sentences below. There is one descriptor per space.

  • extremely worrying
  • terrifyingly fast
  • threat-level-orange
  • proudly (which was weird, because it should have been ‘calmly’ or ‘reassuringly’)
  • epic
  • sweet

We had an ___________________ finding of a likely heart defect at Max’s well-child check, which resulted in a ¬†______ ¬†referral to the cardiologist for an appointment later that morning.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, Frida got mildly exasperated with my inability to recognize her sign for ‘ball’ (hands held out in front of chest as if holding a ball; her demonstration was textbook but ineffective against my _______ degree of distraction,) while looking at a soccer ball in a picture book, and said ‘BA! BA!’

The cardiologist did the tiniest little EKG and cardiac ultrasound, and said that the heart noise was caused, not by a gaping hole in the aortal wall, but by a narrowing of the pulmonary artery. He ________ explained that this was the absolute number one best thing that could cause the heart noise, that it didn’t need treatment and should resolve on its own.

Once we got home, and after six days of nothing but pee, Max had an ____ poop.This game should have been called ______ relief.

Answer: the spaces can be filled with the adjectives in the order listed. You should not be ashamed if you got the order wrong, or ended up with an extra adjective; we think that Max’s poops are pretty sweet, too.¬†

In other news, Frida, who has added ‘opening drawers in filing cabinets so old we thought they were rusted shut’ to the list of skills that already includes ‘fake laughing during pretend cell phone calls’, just came out of the office with a handful of Russian money, a banking card from Ireland, and a selection of USB sticks. Um, Tobias?! As MimiSmartypants once said, our half-assed baby-proofing had better hurry up and grow the rest of its ass.


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