Dirty Kleenex Only. That’s My Rule.

As of a few minutes ago, Mom and Dad are on their way to Germany! Wahoo! If all goes well, I’ll pick them up at the Hamburg airport tomorrow morning at 11:20, a short 15 hours after they left home. It’s amazing that they can get here so quickly. Between the 8-hour time change, the wildly different politics, and the sun or lack thereof, Western Colorado seems light years away from Northern Germany. Tobias has generated his usual parental visit spreadsheet. This version has a visit to an organic pig farm (come see how the other half lives!), a trip to pregnancy water exercise class (ditto!), and a St. Pauli game (we’re all on the same side!) Tobias is awesome.

In food news, I highly recommend rubbing a combination of dried, powdered mushroom, rosemary, and black pepper on a soy-sauce-marinated steak, then frying it up in a pan. Surprisingly delicious! I got the dried, powdered mushrooms as a thanks for being the kind of sucker who buys a $2 avocado every week from the good spice stall at the weekly farmer’s market. The woman who runs the stall frequently winces when she rings me up, but I am happy to pay $1 for a jalapeno when I haven’t seen one for months, and the $2 avocados are usually quite good. She had some spectacular sweet-smelling lemons a few weeks ago, and the whole shop smells like cumin and cardommom – how can I resist?

I’ve taken Heather’s excellent (and thoroughly footnoted!) advice about easing up on my infant choking/allergy/toxicity paranoias, which worked out wonderfully for Frida this week at the market. As we strolled through, stopping by our usual vendors and browsing the new ones, Frida made out like a bandit: a clementine from the fruit stall, a brioche from the French deli, a round of delicous mystery lunch meat from the lovely butcher, a 1/4 apple from the apple stall, and a ‘sweetwood’ stick to chew on from the spice lady, who said that it was good for teething. Frida loved chewing on it before the fruit stall pulled trump with the old ‘fresh, in-season, perfectly ripe fruit over soggy old piece of wood’ move. Not only did Frida have a pretty decent lunch as I shopped, but when we got home I actually remembered to remove the apple core AND the rind of lunch meat from my pocket!

To recap: parents are en route, and my jacket pockets do not have rotten fruit or meat in them. Today is a good day!


Mushroomy beef recipe is here. If you try it, report back!

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