Cultural Differences: Oprah Edition

I know that the courtship was relatively brief – Tobias and I got married a year and a half after we met, and at that point we’d already made a move across the Atlantic, been cohabitating for a year, been through an IVF cycle, and were five months pregnant. With all that packed into the first 18 months, I guess it makes sense that now, after 3+ years together, there are still some things that we haven’t gotten around to finding out about each other: he likes the name Felix for a boy-child, I look funny with long hair, that sort of thing. I did not expect to discover, though, that the man I married had no idea who Oprah is. Oprah Winfrey. OPRAH. Oprah.

This came to light last night as we were discussing Lance Armstrong’s coming clean about being dirty, and I’m afraid that today dear Tobias isn’t much closer to understanding all that is Oprah. I spluttered something about daytime television, Tom Cruise couch-jumping, and being on the cover of every issue before letting Wikipedia explain for me that Oprah is the most famous woman in the world. Turns out, explaining that so-and-so is the most famous woman in the world is not compelling to someone who hasn’t heard of her. Saying, ‘Dude, seriously? She’s Oprah!’ over and over didn’t really effectively encapsulate her winning combination of broad appeal and business acumen, either, so let’s see if I can do a little better at explaining…

A Quick Spinach Trick!

You know how recipes for cooked spinach have you blanch spinach in a pot of boiling water, or saute it, then drain it, then squeeze it out? Here’s a shortcut: put the fresh spinach in a colander in the sink, heat up your tea kettle, and pour boiling water over it. One kettle’s usually enough to wilt the spinach but keep it relatively green; a second is useful for older spinach or a more cooked final product. You can press the spinach against the sides of the colander to squeeze it dry, and you can run a little cold water over it first if you don’t want to burn your hands. This isn’t rocket science, but it’s quicker than the other method and makes for fewer dishes.

I think a third topic today might be difficult to smoothly incorporate, so I will leave you with the simple yet satisfying combination of spinach and Oprah.



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