Coupla things from the last coupla months:

  • While we were in Colorado on vacation in September, Dad got sprayed by a skunk. In the face. The mouth part of the face. Yowza. He had the good grace to suggest that luck was with us: the skunk jumped out of a pipe that Tobias had just been carrying, and a skunk-sprayed farmer (Dad) who spends most of his time outdoors is marginally better than a skunk-sprayed flight companion to New York the next day (Tobias). Thanks for taking one for the team, Dad!
  • Frida’s getting a baby brother or sister! For her birthday! (Not quite, the babes will be 14 months apart.) Imagine me going to my employer, Planned Parenthood (whose mission of helping women and families plan and space their children I have been happily committed to for lo these last 13 years,) to request maternity leave beginning in February, a whopping 10 months after returning from my last maternity leave. Not spaced, not planned, but very much a wanted pregnancy!
  • I’m 20 weeks pregnant now and am going to the doctor shortly for a checkup, which will hopefully give a good guess as to the gender of the (not so little) new babe. I’ll report back!*

*Later today, I mean, not in two months. 🙂 Sorry about the break.

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