For Nan and George and Whoever Else Needs It

Turns out that Cracklin’ Oat Bran has more sugar per serving than Cocoa Puffs, more than Cap’n Crunch, more than Fruit Loops. Instead, here’s a pop song to brighten your day. It’s by a long-ago Austin band called the Defrockers and it’s called She Rocks, and it’s located on myspace music here:

I think that my sister is the keeper of one of their last living CDs, so I was especially pleased to find some of their music through google. She Rocks is a favorite song mainly because the beat, well, rocks, and the chorus is, um, compelling. There are some lyrical gems, too. About two minutes in, Fitz says the following:

I knew her in sixth grade, and seventh and eighth.

Got the nerve around high school to ask for a date.

But she’s a cheerleader, hangin’ out with the jocks.

And I was a loner, hangin’ out with the stoners but when she walked by my locker, god, she rocks.

She Rocks.




p.s. I just played this song for the baby about eight times and she LOVES it. Yay.

p.p.s. Fitz, who is a total joy, and I used to work together as short order cooks at a place with pretty good burgers (now also defunct.) This time together was made memorable by Fritz’ singing, my inability to convince him that the name Defrockers was funny because of the inclusion of the work frock (Betsy: You’re ladykillers, right? You’re De-Frock-ers! Get it? Fritz: No.,) and because our other coworker, Andy, used to dip his hand in the onion ring batter and then in the deep fryer. Wonder what he’s up to now?

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