Blind Taste Test

When you confuse a pickled mushroom for a tomato, and can’t tell that the chicken you’re eating is actually lamb, you emphatically fail the blind taste test. This is a crying shame, as you would have won the bonus round through your ability to pick out traces of fennel fronds in a dill and arugula salad.

…and for those of you who enjoy some context:
There’s a restaurant in Hamburg that’s called UnsichtBar because you can’t see anything you’re eating. You are led by the (blind?) servers through a series of doors and into utter pitch blackness, and then you eat some food and drink some wine. It’s pretty awesome! It makes you appreciate the textures and tastes of the things you’re eating, and really made me think about how much food I’ve thoughtlessly stuffed down my craw while driving or typing or both.
One of the interesting things about the experience (besides wondering how the wine-based Rorschach print I was making on my shirt front was coming along,) was that I was scared that the experience would ruin me on some foods that I thought I liked. When ordering, you can choose one of several menus: a vegetarian menu, a fish menu, a chicken menu, a lamb menu, a cheese menu, a beef menu or a surprise menu. I chose the surprise menu because I like surprises (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) but also because I was afraid that the lamb, the fish, and the cheese would have elements that were too strong to really focus on; that flavors that I thought that I liked would turn on me in the dark. Little did I know that in the blackness, even lamb tastes like chicken.

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