Dry Case o’ Whoa

You know that feeling you get when you see someone asleep with their socks on? How suddenly you can’t seem to get your legs into a comfortable position, and your toes feel nine degrees hotter than they were a second ago? Ugh. Here are a few things that give me the opposite of that feeling.

  • Band Names Seen on Concert Posters This Week:
    • Com Truise
    • Elfin Saddle (if this were a saddle made and used by elves it would be an elvish saddle, right? This is clearly the saddle that you use to ride an elf.)
  • The German equivalent of the American expression ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ is Dreikäsehoch. It means Three Cheeses High. Little baby Frida is three cheeses high.
  • When watching live TV, ours has a 30-second delay compared to the TVs in cafes and restaurants. This is European Championship Soccer (haha no such thing – it’s European Championship Football) season, and we’ve been keeping tabs on Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal but can’t watch ALL the games. Luckily, there are thousands of people (literally) gathered downstairs to watch the games on the hundreds (not literally, but pretty close) of TVs set up at the shops and cafes that line our street. Kiosk/bodegas have TVs rigged up in their windows and a few chairs set up on the sidewalk, and even our cheese shop is showing the games. The 30-second delay means that we can just run to the living room and turn the TV on whenever we hear a roar downstairs. Hurrah, instant highlights!


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