Black Bread

I find that, most days, the adage that ‘you learn something every day’ is true. It’s certainly true that I learn something every week. This week, I learned that:

  • It’s easier to clean up boiled-over rhubarb compote than boiled-over rice pudding
  • That lump of frozen red cabbage with attached mystery brown glob, recently removed from the depths of the freezer, is leftover Christmas Goose and Stuffing. Score!
  • It’s difficult to open and apply superglue with one hand
  • It’s nearly impossible to superglue closed a cut that’s still bleeding
  • It’s beyond the realm of reason to expect to superglue a cut on your finger without supergluing tiny bits of bloody paper towel to the cut, the non-affected hand, the counter, the sink, and the lid of the trash can
  • It doesn’t take many repetitions to make the word ‘superglue’ feel heavy in your mouth when you say it
  • Frida’s new little laugh is joyous and yet sounds a bit like a sick donkey. Hilarious.
  • There are many delicious sandwiches to be made with black bread (recipe here,) but one loaf is plenty (warning: the recipe makes two.)

Sandwiches include:

  • Roast pork/mayo/apple/swiss
  • Butter/radish/scallion
  • Pastrami/mustard/lightly pickled cabbage slaw
  • Cherry jam/cream cheese

I’m packing them up for a picnic, and I expect that we’ll be thoroughly sick of black bread by the time we’re finished.

To recap: laughing baby, time to cook, and a picnic with a friend. Life is sweet.


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