Spargel Freak

In Germany, when someone is especially interested in something they are called a _______-freak. A fellow who has an extensive collection of Native American Indian posters, who has studied the Cherokee language, and who has taken to wearing a hawk feather in his longish ponytail is called an IndianFreak. Tobias, after the third meal in a row of the not-really-ready new crop of German asparagus, can safely be deemed a SpargelFreak.

Let’s play…

What Kind of Freak?!

how to play: review the pictures below, then fill in the blank in the phrase, ‘That baby is a _________-freak!’

Why is this baby so happy?

not because of this

or this

because of THIS!

Crawling Freak!!!










































She’s not quite there yet, but she is obsessed with crawling. Freak on, little Frida, freak on…







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