Reasons That Today is a Good Day

I bit into a carrot today and realized I had forgotten there was a difference between crispy and crunchy. A crunchy carrot sure beats the alternative, but when you bite into a crispy carrot it shatters into a bunch of little pieces of freshness that shatter some more when you chew them. Awesome.

It is sunny and warm today in Hamburg.

The leftovers from last night’s dinner (a pile of savory crepes with layers of smoked salmon, spinach, barlauch, and lemony creme fraiche tucked between them, and the resulting stack sliced into wedges,) were even better today. Maybe everything tastes better once the dishes are done.

There were a number of Deaf parents at this morning’s baby swim class, which meant that the teacher acted out all of the instructions rather than just barking them in rapid-fire German. So nice to not have to worry about confusing ‘down’ with ‘drown’! Although my German Sign Language skills are… weak. I only know the alphabet and a few expressions in American Sign Language, and my signs today were confounded by holding a splashing baby. God knows what came across when I tried to sign, ‘Sweet baby!’: spelling it out in German necessitates the use of an umlaut and a ß… I got the usual polite nod and 1/8th smile in response, which is much better than a shocked flurry of ‘that’s SO rude!’ signs, especially as I plan on stalking the Deaf parent community for all of my baby class needs. Imagine a Pilates class with clear signals about which lower abdominal/pelvic floor muscles to flex! In my current class, when the teacher comes close I grunt like I know what I’m doing, but since I just figured out that anspannung (contract the muscle!) and entspannung (relax the muscle!) are not the same word, I’m pretty sure I’m still missing some key instructions.

Still, it’s a good day.

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