Revived! (and some pictures for Ali K.)

The blog died for a while, but now it’s back! Thanks very much to Ryan at Please Don’t Bother Us We Only Build Bigtime Serious Corporate Websites But We Fixed Yours For Free Because You Accidentally Got Transferred to the Service Desk and You Seemed So Clueless and Really It Only Took a Minute But Please Don’t Recommend Us To Your Similarly Amateur Blogger Friends Media! Ryan’s company took this website from a blank screen (the result of a failed updating attempt wherein I, noticing that I had clicked ‘Duh, of course!’ button in response to the software’s insistence that I backup the website before updating rather than the more appropriate, ‘Wait, what?!’ button, closed the browser window in panic and reopened it to an eerie silence,) to a fully updated, restored version. I was in the middle of insisting that I compensate him for his time when Ryan gently asked how, exactly, I had heard of his company given that they were based in Sweden and worked exclusively building websites for enormous corporations like IKEA. I realized that paying them for my project would be like throwing a single M&M to a tank of hungry sharks. So, long story short, we’re back, there’s a company in Sweden that will shortly be receiving some homemade cookies, and I still haven’t backed up the website so I hope you’re memorizing every word.


I found a silk tie printed with elephants which was begging to be sacrificed on the Easter alter used:

The Elephant Egg

When Frida’s little buddy the Elephant saw it, at first she was excited:

I'm an Elephant, and you're an Elephant Egg!

And then she was confused:

But, wait, I thought I was a mammal?!

So thanks again, Ryan. None of this would be possible without you.

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