It’s So Easy

As I was recutting the stems of some tulips last week I thought, ‘this parenting gig is not so tough.’ There are some concessions: I’ve been making simpler recipes than before (baked maple/walnut french toast with store-bought bread rather than individually bronzed slices of homemade challah, and purchased smoked salmon on pumpernickel with lemon/herb cream cheese rather than home-cured lox in savory crepes,) and I’ve been getting pretty lax about what goes in the dishwasher vs. what is lovingly washed by hand (wine glasses get fairly clean even when one of their cycle-mates is a lasagna pan.)
It helps that the baby sleeps fairly well, and eats very well. It certainly makes a difference that I’m old enough to keep calm in any number of minor storms.
If I’m being honest with myself, though, I can’t really take much credit. What really makes life easy for me is this:

Mommy's Little Helpers

Mommy's Little Helpers

Thanks to the Ayudador, I’ve been out and about quite a bit these last few weeks. I know that the premise of this website is that we discuss food and eating, so here’s a list of places that Ida has breastfed lately:
-bathroom at Vietnamese restaurant
-museum cafe
-train platform
-booth of an Italian restaurant
-friend’s living room
-Department of Motor Vehicles waiting room

I could go on, but nothing’s going to beat that last one.

One of the cruelties of living in Germany is the lost opportunity for breastfeeding humor: no one laughs when, while preparing to breastfeed in public, I say, in my very deepest and most authoritative voice, ‘Excuse me while I whip this out.’ This doesn’t stop me from saying it, but it does make me miss my brother. George, come visit quick – I’m in danger of forgetting all my good Blazing Saddle quotes.

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