Some things are happening pretty fast here at Frida HQ. The babe is turning her head from side to side, sleeping for three hours at a stretch, and quickly outgrowing newborn-sized diapers and clothes. It’s fun to watch the changes happen, not only to her but to me as well. Let’s play…
In the following list of befores and afters, guess the space between.

Before: Ugh, my stomach is queasy and nothing sounds good, but I have to eat or else I’ll get even more nauseous. What sounds least revolting? Crackers?
After: I can’t believe I forgot to bring a snack to the breastfeeding chair again. I’m starving. Hmmm, I wonder which domesticated animal would I eat first? A fat juicy snake? A nice meaty labrador? Certainly not a cat. Eewww. That makes me want to brush my teeth.

Answer: 8 months.

Before: That has poop on it. It’s dirty and I am putting it in the laundry immediately.
After: It’s just a tiny little fleck of poop, and this shirt just got washed…

Answer: 8 days. Eight days! That was fast.

Before: Onions and garlic might give the baby a tummy ache, so it’s best to avoid them during the first few months.
After: Oh, yum, Korean food!!

Answer: You can imagine.

The baby’s crying so I’m going to see if she can be placated with a combination of breast milk, motherly love, and the soothing tenor of my light snores.

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