Stillen and Illin’ in the Neighborhood

The German verb ‘stillen’ means to still, to quiet, to silence. It is the verb that is used for breastfeeding as well. This cracks me up, because I imagine that it means that my breasts are soon to be filled with SHUT UP juice!

There’s a HUGE demonstration going on downstairs, complete with stage, band, loudspeakers, and thousands of people in black sweatshirts, that is lending a ‘fuck the police’ mood to the neighborhood. The protest is against capitalism, I think, and it’s for:
-standing up to facist pigs
-decrying gentrification
-non-violent fist shaking at the police
-cheap beer (the local beer, Astra, is on sale for one Euro per bottle at the local kiosks.)

The bank on the corner has sensibly boarded up its windows. The woman speaking on stage now is a bit over-earnest about the need to get out and protest, and she’s getting a few boo’s from the back of the crowd (one person just said, ‘We’re here, aren’t we?’) I think that folks just want the band to get back on stage.
It is noted that the accordion player who busks on the corner hasn’t taken the day off despite the proceedings. Quite the cacophony!

This whole live-blogging-the-protest would be SO much better with video. Sorry!

With that, I’m going downstairs to listen to the next band. Then I’m going to come upstairs to write a thank-you letter to the makers of our windows. They are impressively soundproof, and will be much appreciated when, at 9:30, I decide that it’s time for old pregnant ladies to quit protesting and go to bed.

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