Foods I Love That I Forget About Sometimes

-Cream of Wheat made with whole milk, a little salt, a little brown sugar, raisins or other good dried fruit, and some nuts on top
-hot cooked wheatberries, given the same milk/nut/fruit treatment plus some honey stirred in
-Fresh walnuts in the shell
-Roasted pumpkin seeds
-Linseeds, flaxseeds, wheat germ, brewers yeast, and other tasty-yet-superbly-healthful additions to hot breakfast cereals
-banana bread, made with lots of nuts, toasted
-savory breakfast muffins with little chunks of ham in them
-quiches of all kinds
-and, lest I sound like a health nut, After Eight Mints by the truckload.

Herr R and I had a terrific weekend in Prague, including long walks in the forest, chats with lovely friends, delicious pork and cabbage, very good Thai and vegeterian food (surprise?!), and extensive use of the excellent public transport system. We stayed in a Swiss-owned hotel, which had an exceptionally good breakfast buffet. The buffet was almost laughably Swiss: zillions of options for hot drinks, from Ovomaltine to coffee with hot milk to special ‘winter tea’, four kinds of slightly sour white cheese spreads (like cottage cheese but smooth, for putting on toast with jam, I think,) and every kind of meusli/porridge topping laid out in an orderly line. There were cut-up apricots, good soft prunes with the pits still in, all sorts of seeds and nuts and toasted oats. The funny thing was that the hot cereals that these super-healthy toppings were intended for were made with both cream and sugar. The first day, I thought that the fresh air and use of an exceptionally efficient public transport system were just making breakfast taste especially good; the following day I tried the porridge by itself and copped to the fact that cooked oats simply do not taste that good by themselves, not even in the warm afterglow of a peaceful overthrow of Communism.

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