Mostly About Toilets, As It Turns Out

Wha happent? I skipped a month! Sorry about that. Here are some recent highlights:
-at the local pool/fitness center, there’s a sign on one of the toilet stall doors (in German,) that says, ‘Are you a kid? This stall is for you!’ Every time I see it I think, oh man, I want to go into THAT one! The one with the neat colored sign! Too bad I’m not a kid! And then I go into a stall that doesn’t have a wet, kid-sprayed toilet seat and I think, Oh. Got it. Brilliant.
-On Monday, I got semi-accidentally upgraded to Lufthansa First Class on my final flight into Germany before the wee one comes. I was one of only two people in the whole cabin, so I got my very own toilet! More importantly, the flight attendant was very nice, kind of bored, and up for something to do so he encouraged me to pick everything I wanted from the in-flight menu rather than the usual one or two choices. Since the menu featured caviar, corn souffle, and sweet potatoes, I was treated to the caviar/corn souffle/sweet potato dinner of my dreams. Thanks, Lufthansa! Thank you also for putting chocolates on my pillow in the morning. You’re the best.
-Shelly and I went to a restaurant for a 9:45 reservation and left after 1:00am, and we ate pretty much the whole time – things like butter-poached lobster and confit of something that I don’t remember (but wasn’t duck). The best course, oddly, was a malted milk egg cream. Yum!
-This post has turned into an ode to my gluttony, so I’ll make the update on my weekend with cousin Laura brief: it was spectacular, we ate pig’s tails and sea urchin panna cotta, and I love her so much.

And, just to even things out, some lowlights:
-Herr R’s father, The German, Sr., is really sick. Bad sick. That sucks.
-My funny, smart, and empathetic fluent-in-English-to-the-point-of-making-me-forget-where-I-am midwife is not available to provide care during and after the birth due to a scheduling miscommunication. This would be a lot more OK if I spoke German, if I wasn’t 6,000 miles from my support system and/or if I had any kind of clue what the fuck to do with a diaper. Shitty shitty damn damn*.
-I miss my sister and my brother even though they’re really nice about picking up the phone when I call for the fourth time in a week.
-Tomato season is so over here in Hamburg, it’s not even funny.

And back to my-life-is-so-great-I-can-barely-believe-it news:
-Herr R and I are going to Prague tomorrow! None of the flights are longer than 59 minutes, so they don’t really count towards pregnancy-related flying stroke risk calculations, and we get to go mushroom hunting with Marie and Thomas! I’m SO excited! This is going to be better than a dry toilet seat after a corn souffle binge!

*Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, get it? Don’t ever say this alternate phrasing out loud – it’s completely addictive. I find myself wanting to type it again even now…

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