International Travel is Glamourous

Dear Lufthansa In-Flight Crew, HAM-MUC,
Thank you for offering me extra napkins and some sparkling water when I threw up on myself halfway through the short flight.

Dear United In-Flight Crew, UA #0903,
Thank you very much for letting me use the airplane bathroom (even though it was technically broken) when we were stuck on the tarmac waiting for the ground crew to fix the water system. I appreciate that you noticed that I was pregnant and made an exception for me, because I would not have lasted the two hours that we were waiting before takeoff.
Thank you also for bringing me some cheese, crackers and grapes after I asked when the breakfast service was. I am an eating machine even when all I’m doing is reclining in my lie-flat seat and watching movies, and that extra mini-meal was awesome because the flight lasted 25% longer than expected.

Dear United Customer Service Agent, IAD Gate C20,
Thank you for offering me the choice of staying in Denver overnight or Washington overnight after my arrival was way too late to make any connections to my destination. It was nice to have options. I especially appreciate your sensible suggestion that I ‘go to the hotel ASAP and get some rest’; falling asleep in a Washington hotel at 1:00 am my time was much preferable to my first inclination of searching out a hotel at DIA at 6:00 am my time.

Dear Marriot Guests,
Thank you for allowing me some privacy in the fitness center this morning. Even though it was 4:30 am local time, I was concerned that I would frighten some of you with my workout outfit:
-yesterday’s puked-on shirt,
-black stretchy pants with no undies (they were drying overnight after a quick wash)
-beige knee-high compression stockings (they are meant to be worn for 24 hours before and after travel.)
-disposable white socks from the airline amenity kit (no shoes, as all I had with me was a pair of clogs)

Dear IAD Starbucks,
Thank you for helping me make the most of my United-provided meal voucher. Your math skills are exceptional, and I am glad to have bags of mixed nuts, a banana, water and a scone in addition to the largest decaf latte I’ve ever seen.

All in all, really, not a bad trip. So far. The help I’ve gotten along the way has been exceptional, the various seats have been comfortable, and besides the brief puking episode I’ve felt pretty great. Two more flights and I’ll be at Mom and Dad’s house!

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