Beans and Rice for Breakfast!

…a post from last Tuesday that I just realized I hadn’t actually posted…

Let’s play
Where’s the Betster?
From the hints below, try to guess what town I was leaving this morning.
-On the way to the airport, I ate leftover Mexican rice and black beans with the last of a chile relleno stuffed with cochinita pibil from Curra’s.
-When I got to the airport, the rental car check-in attendant was absurdly friendly even at 5:50 am.
-The person who went through the security line directly ahead of me was the great Willie Nelson. He was recognized but not accosted, which was either a show of respect to the man himself or to the early hour. He wears New Balance sneakers, which doesn’t have much to do with anything but is such a sensible choice I thought I’d mention it.
-The lowest temperature in _ _ st _ n last week was 10 degrees higher than the high in Hamburg.
Got it? Good!
It was a great week in Austin, with lots of time with friends, and the heat wasn’t too deadly, but I’m a little glad that it was my last trip for a while because you just don’t beat a send-off like that: cinnamon-scented slow roasted pork-stuffed green chile for breakfast and a “Mornin’” from your favorite (living) country musician. So long, Austin. Ya’ll come visit, now.

p.s. the television coverage this morning is split between Rick Perry’s presidential candidacy announcement and a tutorial on pet CPR in the event of heat-induced cardiac arrest. It IS time to leave.

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