That Is One Tan Arm

Because I am relatively far removed from day-to-day, in-person interaction with most of my nearest and dearest, my loved ones often wonder if I am showing yet. Well, kind of…

Let’s play:
Name That Picture!
Review the caption choices below, then decide which of the following best describes the gestational state in the picture.

a.) Someone who couldn’t decide between the peach and the blackberry cobbler at the Salt Lick.

b.) Skinny puppy with a bad case of worms.

c.) Clearly pregnant, because what else could explain that glowing* skin?

*glowing white, that is.

*glowing white, that is.

In other news, the German and I are getting married next Friday! And we’re going on a quickie honey/babymoon next weekend to an area of France that is famous for its wine and cheese production. Odd, no? Last time I was there I ate tons of oysters, the rarest of foie gras, and a really astonishing selection of unpasteurized cheeses, and I washed it all down with lunchtime bottles of wine and multiple espressos. This time, I have scheduled a visit with my new OB before the trip so that I can ask, with all the naivete that I can muster, if avoiding soft cheeses while pregnant is really more of a First Trimester Concern, and whether the baby’s need for iron outweighs any risk that a good pâté might carry. I think it’s only sensible, don’t you? I’m happy to avoid wine and caffeine, those acidic bastards, but denying all consumption of organ meats while in rural France seems a bit cruel. Look how pale that belly is! It needs the vitamins!

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