I am continually impressed at the ease with which locals maneuver their bicycles in Hamburg. From the elderly, to the parent/child duos, to the business-suited commuters, there are lots of people on lots of bicycles, most of them on rain-slick cobblestones. This evening, in the midst of after-work traffic and the near-constant steady rain, three cyclists stopped at the corner below the apartment to wait for the light to change. Each was wearing a black raincoat, and each had their own special extra-super bicycling challenge: one was smoking, one was talking on a cell phone, and the third was riding a bike while using her umbrella! Impressive.

In a city populated by black raincoats, mine (brought with me from Texas, a state somewhat more tolerant of femininity in all-weather gear,) is pink. With a collar in the shape of a flower. When I wear it in Hamburg, I look like this:

Only Without the Hat. And Riding a Bike

Only Without the Hat

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