Mind Over Matter

Today, in what is sure to be a triumph of constraint, I will not be craving the following:
• Salt Lick’s Barbecue Ribs
• Sweet Corn
• A blue cheese burger from Alamo Drafthouse
• Corn Dogs
• Ripe Peaches
• A Heap of Spicy Crawdads
• Anything from Nubian Queen Lola’s
• Fresh Tomatoes on Sourdough
• A Pulled Pork Sandwich
• Refried Beans from Las Manitas
• Ceviche
• Cornbread
• Tamale Pie (made by my mom)
• Mole Enchiladas
• Huevos Rancheros
• Chile Rellenos
• Ahi Poke
• Aji de Gallina
• Horchata
• Anticuchos

Instead, I will be craving muesli and possibly bratwurst. If I must, I will also crave a nice decaf espresso.
Why, you ask? Because it is going to be terrifically embarrassing when my German toddler has more self-discipline than I do, and I choose to believe that the sphincter of self control is tightened through exercise.
This good work is somewhat undone by my delight in imagining how delicious homemade marshmallows will be to a child whose favorite soda is sure to be herb-flavored lemonade. At age negative 6 months, the little freak likes it already.

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