Tonight’s menu:
-Ginger-Sesame Radish Tea Sandwiches
-Nordsee Shrimp Salad on Pumpernickel
-Roast Loin of Pork with Plum Sauce
-Carmelized Sweet Potatos, Carrots, and Artichokes

Things I Still Need To Make:
-ginger-sesame butter
-plum sauce
-mise en place for everything
-the pork
-the tea sandwiches
-the roasted veggies
-whipped cream
-strawberry sauce
-the guest bed

Hours Until Guests Are Due to Arrive:

Maybe I should go…

…to the grocery. Just kidding. I went to the grocery already, and to the flower shop, and got WAY overconfident about time when I realized that it was three in the afternoon and the flowers were already arranged in the hallway bathroom. See? I’m still bragging about that even though we’re on track to have dinner at midnight. OK, OK, an outbreak of E. Coli is no excuse for avoiding whipped egg whites and raw pork. I’m off.

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