You know how a really good, cold glass of lemonade on a hot day can feel like it’s refreshing your very soul?
And remember the last time you had buttermilk, when you thought, ‘this is the perfect snack when I’m hungry but I don’t know what I’m hungry for! Why don’t I have this more often?’
I don’t think that it’s a coincidience that the following events happened simultaneously:
• It was hot
• I was hungry
• I needed something refreshing, healthy, and quick
• I drank lemon – flavored buttermilk for the first time.

Heaven. Instant heaven. High-calcium, low-fat, slightly sweet, slightly tart heaven.
The manufacturer of this product also makes killer poppyseed yogurt, delicious cherry yogurt that’s not too sweet, and really good butter. The name of the company is Landliebe. Land translates as you’d imagine, and Liebe is Love. Aww.

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