The Pink Pantser

Here’s how the Austin weekend went.
The good:
-enchiladas, breakfast tacos, salsas
-more enchiladas
-caught up with lovely friends
-got some rockin pink jeans

The bad:
-didn’t see Kristy or Esmer. 🙁
-didn’t go to Barton Springs

The rookie mistakes:
-ordered the chicken feet 3/4 of the way through Sunday’s dim sum. Was already too full to enjoy their texture
-forgot that Austin wakes up late, almost died of starvation waiting for coffee/smoothie shops to open
-put on winter-grade lotion in the 100-degree heat, felt like I had melted saran wrap onto legs

I love it here, but I am out of practice. I thought the chili on the airplane coming into Austin tasted spicy (note: airplane chili is not spicy. It’s just not.) I wear a scarf and then swelter. I am surprised when there’s traffic. I threw away four plastic cups today. Corn cups, yes, but it still felt weird.
I’m off to Minnesota tomorrow, glad to have had a weekend here to both catch up with loved ones and to soften the blow of returning to the land of friendly strangers and fried-cheese-as-appetizer. I’m glad to have had a long weekend with joyous types to get me a little more ready for the smiley politeness of the next stop: the combination of proximity to the Mall of America and that much ready good humour would have made for a startling transition from Germany indeed!

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