Jokes for Sale

Max is stable,

I am able,

Time to go back to work!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about WHAT IT ALL MEANS, and, though I’ve come to no conclusions, I have tossed out several possibilities. They include:

  • the possibility that nothing matters because we’re all going to die anyway. If we’re all going to die anyway, now is more important than ever!
  • the possibility that everything I do matters: if I do everything perfectly, perfection will ensue. Hahahaha nope.
  • the possibility that I can luxuriate in my free time without wishing that someone would call me, desperate to get my answer on a very important decision. Need to get a big-picture perspective on your new staffing idea? Want to discuss the future of corporate compliance and what it means to your bottom line? Care to strategize for a worst-case scenario, and then translate that to a most-probable scenario? No? You were just asking me what lettuce I wanted because I’m at the front of the produce line at the farmer’s market? Oh.


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