Ups and Downs. And Ups!

Day 1 of the birthday weekend was spectacular: hiking in the Alps, eating lots of cheese, resting on the slopes of a mountain where iPhones didn’t work.
Day 2 of the birthday weekend took a bit of a downward turn as I dropped Tobias off at the airport to attend to some urgent business back in Hamburg/the Netherlands. Fuck.
Day 2.5 of the birthday weekend saw a bit of an upward turn as I ate fois gras. By myself, yes, but two meals in a row!
For day 3, I will be driving around Dijon, stopping wherever I want without regard to iPhone signals, emergency conference calls, or proximity to airports for emergency flights back to the office. My priorities are cheese, wine, and a cottage that’s close to both.

Epilogue: Wind energy may be fine and good, but it is dangerously close to killing me what with the partner-goes-home-to-handle-offshore-wind-turbine-crisis, my-saturated-fat-intake-skyrockets connection. Defibrillators powered by clean energy are still defibrillators.